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1. What can I eat and drink before surgery?
Most patients should not eat or drink anything after midnight on the day of surgery. In addition, you will receive instructions regarding the use of your regular medication. These medications may be taken with a sip of water, but this should not exceed the amount of water necessary to comfortably swallow the medication.

2. Will someone need to take me home?
Yes, after any type of anesthesia or sedation, you must have someone available to take you home. You will not be able to drive, walk, or take public transportation. It is recommended to make arrangements for a responsible adult stay with your during the first 24 hours after surgery. Occasionally, patients may receive local anesthesia alone, with no sedation. Under these circumstances, it may be possible for you to drive home. Check with your doctor first, or call us at 713-691-6000 to verify this.

3. Which of my medications should I take?
It is very important that certain medications are taken before surgery, while others should be avoided. You will receive preoperative instructions from the Mid-Town Surgical Center explaining which medications you should take on the day of your surgery. Please do not stop taking any medications unless told to do so by your doctor or the nurse from the Mid-Town Surgical Center. If you regularly use inhalers, please bring them with you to the Center.

4. How long before my operation should I arrive?
You will receive instructions from Mid-Town Surgical Center the day before surgery regarding your time of surgery and the time your should arrive at the Surgery Center. Usually, you will be asked to come to the Center 60 - 90 minutes before the time of your surgery. Occasionally, if additional lab testing or preparation is needed, you may be asked to come in earlier.

5. Will I be able to take a shower before surgery?
You can take a shower or bath on the morning of surgery. You may also brush your teeth, remembering to avoid swallowing any additional water or mouth wash. Please do not use any make-up, hair spray, nail polish, or toiletries on the day of surgery.

6. What should I do if I think I am getting a cold?
If you notice any change in your health, including a scratchy throat, cold or fever, please call your physician and the Center at 713-691-6000 as soon as possible.

7. What clothing should I wear?
Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes on the day of your surgery. These clothes should be easy to put on. Remember, you may have a bulky dressing after surgery and your clothes should be large enough to allow for this. When you arrive, we'll give you a patient gown to wear during your visit.

8. What happens when it's time for surgery?
When your surgeon and the surgical team are ready, you will be transported to the Surgical Suite. Your family members will be waiting in the waiting room, where they will be updated as needed.

9. What will happen in the Surgical Suite?
The surgical team will introduce themselves, including the anesthetist, Registered Nurse and technician. Your physician will be the one performing the surgery or procedure.

10. Can I drop off the patient and have the office call me when he/she is ready?
Yes, feel free to leave your cell phone number with the front desk and run errands, go to breakfast or enjoy the local sites and the office will call you when your patient is ready to be picked up. Or you are free to sit in our spacious waiting room and read or watch TV and enjoy our guest wireless internet connection.

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