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Why is Mid-Town Surgical Center different than other ASC’s?
Transparency, Integrity, Efficiency, Excellence, Stewardship, Accountability, Loyalty and Superior Medical staff are the guiding principles that drive Mid-Town Surgical Center.

Our physicians/physician partners are customers and are offered the same quality one on one attention to detail that we provide our patients. We focus on the business of medicine while YOU can focus on the practice of medicine.

At Mid-Town Surgical Center we honor your surgical block times, (no bumping) offer you all the services that enhance your effectiveness in the O.R. suite and your practice.  Our efficient business model is offered to physicians in our specific multidisciplinary modality disciplines through investment in a minority ownership position.  Our objective is to partner with Quality physicians over Quantity of physicians.

Call our Administrator or Director of Business Development at 713-691-6000 for an appointment and facility tour and learn in more detail our specific points of difference. You deserve the maximum return on your years of training and specialty. Our physician partnership relationships are based on successful, proven tried and tested methodologies that provide fair Win-Win-Win results.   

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The 10,000 square foot facility includes two operating rooms and 6 PACU beds. The surgical modalities provided are: